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Panerai Takes Platinum To The Next Level With Platinumtech Luminor Marina


These days, many brands have proprietary gold-alloys that improve the properties of conventional ones. Rolex Everose gold is a good example, which not only offers a richer color but combines this with the added advantage that it hardly tarnishes over time. Hublot even achieved significantly increasing the scratch resistance of gold by combining it with ceramic in their Magic Gold. Platinum alloys are far rarer. In part, this is because there is literally less room to innovate. With 18 karat gold, 750 of every 1000 particles in the alloy are pure gold, the other 250 particles are other metals. These are not only needed to make the alloy harder but can also change the color, most commonly into white, pink, or red. Most brands typically use 950 platinum, meaning that only 50 particles per 1000 are a different metal. For Panerai’s Laboratorio di Idee this was enough to make a significant improvement. READ MORE

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