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Video – Frédérique Constant Shows That a Luxury Sports QP Can Be Cool AND Accessible, with Its Highlife Perpetual Calendar


No doubt, the concept of a perpetual calendar luxury sports watch is highly desirable, as combining the visual appeal of a sporty-chic watch with an integrated bracelet and one of the most attractive complications, the QP. But what options do you have? The Nautilus Perpetual Calendar 5740G, the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar or the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Ultra-Thin Perpetual Calendar are all well above 80k euros. Even the Girard-Perregaux Laureato Perpetual Calendar will set you back over 30k euros. Serious watchmaking requires serious money… Does it, really? Frédérique Constant has a different opinion on that specific question. Its answer is named the Highlife Perpetual Calendar and it shows that a luxury sports QP isn’t only for the happy few. 

As we’ve said already in our written review of the Highlife Perpetual Calendar and fully explained in the video on top of this article, this watch is one of the most accessible QPs on the market, with a retail price far below 10K euros. How is that possible, when high-end brands ask for 30k euros – or even over 100k euros in some cases. Has the brand done some concessions…? Of course, in some areas, the Highlife Perpetual Calendar can’t compete with a Nautilus or a Royal Oak. It isn’t its vocation anyway. Finishing, materials and refinement aren’t on the same level, but are still very satisfying. However, mechanically-speaking, the Highlife does everything you’d expect from a perpetual calendar. And that’s what really matters here. This means that, as long as you’ll keep the watch running, it won’t need a single calendar correction before 2100, like a proper perpetual should.

There are areas where the brand didn’t make concessions, with some features that are usually found in much pricier timepieces. For instance, the watch is equipped with an interchangeability system, allowing to remove the steel bracelet in seconds, and to replace it with the included rubber strap – and even leather options are available, for even more personalities.

So yes, the Highlife Perpetual Calendar doesn’t have the same exclusivity as aforementioned watches, but it has the style and coolness of a luxury sports watch, the mechanical refinement of a perpetual calendar and even its own character, with a distinctive look… and all of that for EUR 8,595. We tell you all you need to know in the video, and how FC has managed to bring such a horological content at this price level.

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