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Video – Reviewing the Unique and Ultra-Innovative Ressence Type 2 e-Crown


If you know your watchmaking, the name Ressence should be familiar to you and should immediately bring to mind concepts such as minimalist design, super-cool displays and mechanical innovation. The latest creation of the brand is that, and more. Today, as part of our video reviews, we’ll look at a very special watch, a unique concept in the high-end industry, a mechanical watch that has been made smarter, but not a smartwatch in the sense of an electronic device… Here’s the innovative, unprecedented Ressence Type 2 e-Crown.

The basic idea of this Ressence was to revolutionize the way we interact with the watch by removing the main part we interact with: the crown – a concept that was invented in 1842 and that has remained an almost unchallenged standard ever since. What Ressence has done is to create the “e-Crown”, a device that eliminates the need to adjust the watch. The e-Crown Concept makes sure your watch is always on time, at the right time, making the mechanical crown obsolete. It features smart technologies and connectivity, but not for social apps or phone calls. The Ressence Type 2 is still mechanical, still features a balance and an escapement, yet it relies on the brand’s unique display module, the ROCS, and adds a layer of smartness.

How exactly does that work? This is exactly what we will answer in the video above. And as you’ll see, the overall idea and execution are pretty impressive, to say the least!

Discover more video reviews on our Youtube Channel here and more details on the Type 2 e-Crown at

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