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The Watch Guys Of Wallets Designed Super-Practical ‘The Ridge’ Wallets


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It’s just “The Ridge,” and it’s a practical sandwich of well-machined materials made by an American company that started back in 2013 with the idea of making a wallet that was relevant for guys today. Classic wallets are beautiful, but they often don’t match what someone really needs to carry with them and end up being bulky to carry. With so much demand for what we need to carry, all people can benefit from more efficient ways to accomplish this. Discriminating consumers, such as the people who love wristwatches, also want something in their pocket that is pretty to look at when you pull it out and is also going to last a long time. The Ridge Wallet is meant for groups like you.

Since inventing The Ridge Wallet, the company has gone on to develop other men’s lifestyle products, often “everyday carry” (EDC) products. The Wallet nevertheless remains the flagship focus of the company. Each wallet takes into consideration that men normally want a wallet that is as thin as possible, as well as able to securely hold everything they need that they use most days. In most economic centers around the world, men carry less cash and more cards. This new norm is represented in the design of The Ridge Wallet’s core construction. Two plates — made out a variety of high-performance materials — hold together up to 12 credit-size cases. An elastic closing system is meant to last and also keeps a wad of cash in place. Each wallet can also be equipped with a money clip-style attachment for loose bills. Should the elastic wear out, The Ridge Wallet is designed to let you easily replace it on its own, which is part of The Ridge’s lifetime product guarantee.

Incredibly light, the wallets range in weight from around 1.5 ounces to around 2.6 ounces. They are also secured against card reader scanner forms of identity theft. Each The Ridge wallet has a shield against RFID readers, effectively protecting against wireless data theft. The Ridge Wallet owners are frequent travelers, making security as important to them as comfort and convenience.

The Ridge employs materials such as aluminum, titanium, and carbon as options for their wallets. Aluminum is where prices start, but it is also where consumers have the greatest variety of color options, thanks to how well aluminum can be bonded with pigments. Up from there are The Ridge’s titanium wallets, which are offered in some beautiful finishes. Titanium is a strong and highly durable material that lasts an incredibly long time. Titanium allows for some interesting aesthetic opportunities, such as an artistically popular form of heat oxidation, which is also common in watchmaking with the practice of flame-bluing screws or dial components.

The Ridge’s carbon wallets are where consumers can find the brand’s most exclusive products. The Ridge has both carbon fiber and forged carbon (both in black, naturally) forms of the now-popular high-performance industrial material. Forms of complex carbon materials are going into many of today’s most contemporary sports watches and continue to be a celebrated material and texture for use in luxury lifestyle watches. A carbon fiber The Ridge Wallet (weighing just 1.6 ounces) would handsomely complement any number of carbon fiber wristwatches.

Get the solution to your everyday cash and credit carry from the “watch guys” of wallets. The Ridge Wallets are currently priced starting at $75 up to $125 USD. Learn more or order from The Ridge website here.

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