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What Do You Make Of Wristwatch Auction Sales Results?


Understanding current market demand and values for both brands and specific wristwatch products can be an important part of the timepiece-collecting experience for many enthusiasts. That said, making a determination of what market values and demand actually are can be tricky, with even experienced collectors and buyers having to make tough decisions on a regular basis. aBlogtoWatch is generally interested in how its audience perceives the value of watches both new and old, and today, we’d like to ask you, our community, about your thoughts on wristwatch auctions.

Watch auctions take a number of forms, from individually facilitated Internet-based auctions on eBay to a spectrum of professional auction house events that range from online sales to elaborate in-person events. More so, businesses that specialize in auctions for wristwatches have become increasingly active in selectively publicizing the results of specific wristwatch auction lots of the total yield of larger sales events. In an era in which watch brands and authorized dealers do relatively little to publicize watch prices and demand, aBlogtoWatch is curious to know the sentimental effect that viewing watch auction results in the form of “news” has on watch consumers. As such, today’s aBlogtoWatch poll seeks to understand your feelings about wristwatch auctions and what you make of auction sales results. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

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