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What Color Are You Most Tired Of Seeing On Watches?


There is a constant alternating cycle of new “it” colors in the watch world. Blue is everywhere, ditto with green these days, and while red hasn’t gained close to the level of popularity as those two, it is certainly emerging. Of course, it’s not about the color, alone, but the execution of it — not all blues, greens, reds, purples, or oranges are created equal. Just compare a Moser fumé blue dial to a more generic offering, and you’ll get the drift. There are colors, like pink, that are underrepresented and have a strong visual impact when executed by a brand like Grand Seiko with its “Spring” SBGA413 but are nowhere near being oversaturated in the market.

We want to hear from the aBlogtoWatch audience about what watch colors you are most tired of seeing in watches. This isn’t a poll about which color you think is most represented, but rather which you’re just plain bored of and find to be too much of a bandwagon. And of course, feel free to elaborate on your choice in the comments (and tell us which colors you’d like to see more of if you feel strongly that way, as well).

What do you think?


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