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Introducing – Ressence Type 1 Slim X


Ten years ago, a brand that would soon become one of the most respected yet unusual members of the independent watchmaking scene was launched… in Belgium (that’s already something). From the early days, Ressence made things its own way, mostly relying on innovation and modernity, and one important feature, the ROCS display module. Where most other watches have a dial with hands that rotate, in a Ressence it is the entire structure of the dial that moves. Today, the brand celebrates its 10th anniversary and presents the first watch in its ‘Collection X’. Meet the Ressence Type 1 Slim X.

Watchmaking on the ROCS

Pun intended… From its very foundation, Ressence had an original concept to display the time, which would be implemented on every single creation bearing its name: the ROCS, for Ressence Orbital Convex System, an in-house development that features discs that continually orbit around one another.

The concept is based on sub-dials continually revolving, as does the main disc into which they are set – like moons in orbit around a planet. Everything is constantly moving, changing position and revolving. To make it simple, the watch is composed of a classic automatic movement, whose minute axle drives the entire display module on top. Thanks to a series of gears, slowing the time (for the hours) or accelerating the motion (for the seconds), the time is indicated in a very original yet still easily readable manner.

An early Ressence Series One 1001-1101, still with the crown at 3 o’clock. Photo by Phillips

Over the past ten years, the brand has constantly evolved. After the inaugural Zero and One Series, which still featured a crown, the brand launched the Type 1 with crown-less architecture and a refined module. This was followed by the Type 3 and its oil-filled, distortion-free display, as well as the diver’s oriented Type 5. The design of the Type 1 evolved twice, with the introduction of the Type 1 Square and recently the Type 1 Slim. What’s probably the most innovative model is the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown, the first self-setting mechanical watch – explained by its creator here.

The brand has been around for a decade now and has gained recognition from its peers and collectors. As such, the brand is unveiling a new collection for its 10th anniversary, Collection X, which will bear a dedicated logo, a fusion of an X, or ten in Latin, and an hourglass. First in this line, the new Ressence Type 1 Slim X.

Ressence Type 1 Slim X

For its first commemorative piece, the brand relies on its latest watch, the Type 1 Slim, the air-filled concept watch –  not the oil-filled Type 3 and Type 5. This avant-garde, futuristic piece is an evolution of the inaugural concept with a new, slimmer case and a new ovoid-shaped case. Instead of a pebble-shaped case with wire lugs, this new watch has an integrated shape and has whittled down its waistline to 11mm. The shape is in line with the other brand’s novelty, the Type 2 e-Crown.

The 42mm case of the Ressence Type 1 Slim is made of grade 5 titanium and is entirely polished to a high gloss. The slimmer case was obtained thanks to a new caseback/setting module, with a retractable key. Also, the base movement has been changed from an ETA 2824/2 to an ETA 2892/A, which is slightly slimmer too (3.60mm vs. 4.60mm). Altogether, Ressence has lost 2mm compared to a standard Type 1.

The ROCS display module is also maintained with the minutes in the centre and orbital sub-counters for the hours, the seconds and the weekdays. What’s new on this Type 1 Slim X are colours and finishings.

First of all, the brand has opted for a very pleasant and original olive green colour, lightened by white and golden yellow touches, all filled with Super-LumiNova. That’s not all, as the main disc, as well as the hour disc, display two different surfaces. One side is matte and one side is circular brushed. Not only does this animate the dial and help legibility, but when the watch indicates midnight or midday, there’s perfect symmetry and the watch plays Harvey Two-Faces. The two finishes are in fact a graphical extension of the hands. Note the number 10 on the hour dial, replaced by the X logo of the collection.

As said earlier, the Ressence Type 1 Slim X is manually set via a lever on its caseback. The watch has no crown, the winding and setting mechanism being the caseback itself, for better ergonomics and allowing a left-right fit. The ETA movement is well-known and reliable and delivers 36 hours of power reserve.

Price and availability

The Ressence Type 1 Slim X is worn on a matching olive green calfskin strap. It will be a limited edition of 40 pieces. Price is set at EUR 19,500GBP 17,650 or USD 21,500.

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