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Aventi’s Supercar-Inspired A11-02 Has A Case Made Entirely Of Rare Sapphire


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Luxury Startup Aventi is bringing the supercar to your wrist with its flagship tourbillion in a striking royal blue sapphire case. The A11-02 is immediately recognizable for its supercar-inspired design and impressive specifications. The case boasts sharp angles and straight lines mimicking the complex bodies and designs of the most desirable supercars. “There is no getting around it,” says Aventi founder Hannu Siren. “Our Royal Blue Sapphire Tourbillon is a statement piece. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.”

The distinctive case of the A11-02 Royal Blue Sapphire requires more than 100 hours of hand-shaping and polishing. Each component is cut from a solid block of sapphire crystal using high-precision lasers. The result is an angular masterpiece of a case, with a total of 68 facets and 144 edges. Every surface receives five layers of anti-reflective coating. Any watch with a case that comes close to this kind of complexity carries a price tag in the hundreds of thousands. This one is priced under $10,000.

When Aventi premiered the Titanium and Pure Sapphire tourbillon on Indiegogo, they were fully funded in less than 10 minutes. Part of the reason for the brand’s success is the excellent quality/price ratio. Aventi, a fully digital watchmaker, breaks down the cost barrier that keeps most people from owning a tourbillon by challenging the inefficient and costly traditions of luxury watchmaking. “Our watch is as perfectly engineered, meticulously constructed, and beautifully finished as much as possible for comparable watches at our price point, and we endeavor to improve this as we grow as a brand,” says Siren. Now, the watch is available in the inky rich color of Royal Blue Sapphire. “With supercars, rare gems, and high-end watches, color is everything,” says Siren. “Ferrari red is an exact shade, and likewise, you can’t mistake the flawless blue of a top-grade sapphire from anything else. The Aventi Royal Blue Sapphire Tourbillon A11-02 is just as unique, but with a more refined, more compelling color than any other sapphire watch. The result is absolutely stunning.” The team spent months mastering the manufacturing and finishing techniques needed to bring the royal blue supercar-on-your-wrist to life.

The bold case measures an impressive 55.5mm x 48.5mm by 13mm-thick. It is made of pressurized aluminum oxide heated to 3600° F and then cooled for two weeks. Very few specialists in the world have this particular expertise. The dial plate is cut out to reveal the skeletonized movement, the caliber 3450 with 25 jewels, a frequency of 28,800 vph, and dual mainspring barrels for a power reserve of 72 hours. The inner workings of this beautiful movement are in full view, including the dancing tourbillon escapement at the 3 o’clock position and the dual mainspring barrels on the left side of the case. It was made in partnership with the Hong Kong-based PTS Resources, an ISO 9000 company. All movements are thoroughly tested to ensure reliability.

The dial’s top-quality lume, Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 Grade X1, is layered with extra thickness so that it will never fade or discolor. More importantly, it guarantees increased legibility in low light.

“All our models are striking,” says Siren. “They’re big, bold, cutting-edge. But the Royal Blue Sapphire Aventi takes it to another level. It has a powerful effect. This is a watch for a specific kind of high-achiever,” he says, “a disrupter, someone who isn’t afraid to go their own way — who wants to be seen going their own way.”

The Aventi Royal Blue Sapphire range starts at a price point of $5,000, and this particular model, the A11-02 Royal Blue Sapphire, is priced at $9,800. For more information, book a one-on-one appointment through the concierge platform on the Aventi website. Your questions will be answered via live chat, phone, or video call. “We want to challenge the sometimes daunting experience of walking into a luxury boutique by making it more personal,” says Siren. “We want it to be real, so we like to talk to our customers, find out who they are and what they love, and answer any questions in person. We want to provide the best boutique experience you can get without actually walking into a boutique.”

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