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As a watch blogger located in the southern United States, it is my gentlemanly duty to inform you of the new Tenn & Two Podcast from this often-overlooked region. Everyone knows that the hot spots for watch collecting seem to be located in giant coastal metropolises where lots of wealth and many watch nerds congregate. Just look at any Red Bar Instagram feed to see what I mean. However, pockets of watch aficionados are gathering in smaller towns to share a common passion of horology and enjoy the wristwatch game. If you think these watch nerds are just pasty guys caressing their watches and muttering “my precious”, you would be mostly right, but that too is changing as women are making their mark in the watch podcasting medium.

Yes, I really did say women are now podcasting about watches. Are you surprised? You can pick your jaw up from the ground now. This is not 1950s Mayberry anymore, and it’s probably time to have an open mind when it comes to getting your watch-related entertainment and news. Maybe we should all discard our preconceived notions of what men and women should like. I guarantee that there are all kinds of people in the world who break the mold if you keep your eyes peeled for them. This is my not-so-subtle suggestion to tune into the Tenn & Two Podcast with an open mind that women are interested in watches too.

So, what is up with that Tenn & Two podcast name? It is a play on words that have double meanings. From the dawn of watch photography, the hands of watches have been set at exactly 10:10, which is known as” ten and two”. This is how you can tell many professionally photographed watches from other types of watch photos. The podcast is recorded near Nashville, Tennessee so there is your “TENN” reference. There are who podcasters so there is your “TWO” reference. This is very clever indeed.


Tenn & Two Podcast is not just any old watch collecting podcast filled to the brim with male testosterone and witty banter. This podcast is hosted by two cats…err,… I mean chicks. Wait, that came out wrong, but it will make sense in a moment. The hosts of this new podcast are two women watch enthusiasts with “Kat” in their names. That would be Katlen (aka on Instagram) and Kat (aka @a_girl_and_her_watches on Instagram). The podcast’s shared Instagram address is @tennandtwomedia so you have several ways to follow this dynamic duo.


Seeing how there have only been six Tenn & Two Podcasts so far, this review may be a little premature. I usually listen to at least 10 episodes of any podcast to get an understanding of attitude, tone, and quality. However, I can already tell you that I like Kat and Katlen who are humble, friendly and interesting. They are naturals. This is a good combination because there are podcast and Youtube personalities who can drive you up a wall. Those are the shows on my iPhone that get skipped or deleted. Tenn & Two have interesting conversations about watches. They seem to instinctively discuss what people want to know about the watches. These are true watch collectors speaking our language, fellow watch nerds. They are definitely qualified to be in “the watch club”.

So far, I keep coming back to see what their next topic will be. Tenn & Two will only improve as the watch-collectors-turned-podcasters refine their skills and expand their topics. I’m willing to keep tuning in to see where this adventure takes us. I am not even sure that the Kats know where the show will go themselves, but it makes me happy to hear other voices and opinions in this space.

Tenn &  Two Studio*

The interesting thing about podcasting today is that it is democratic. I am not talking about donkeys or elephants in American politics. I mean that almost anybody can choose to make a podcast if they want to. This seems to be the deal for the hosts of  Tenn & Two Podcast who might have thought “why should everyone else have all the fun?” Kat and Katlen did not know how to make a podcast, which they admit in the first episodes. However, they learned quickly and adapted with the help of other podcasters who lent technical advice. This is what real community is about. I’m betting that they will be old pros by episode 7.

The first Tenn &  Two podcast location*

You might find that the Kats have much in common with many male watch collectors. One of the biggest compliments that I can give so far is that the watches that Kat and Kat discuss could be considered universal. Ironically, I have the same wrist measurement as one of the hosts so we could wear the same watches. Many guys who are not built like lumberjacks or Popeye fall into the slim-to-average wrist size category. There should be no shame in having the same wrist size as a woman or Steven Hawking (he was a genius, right?) haha. On the latest episode, the ladies reveal that wrist size is a concern of mostly guys (maybe insecure ones at that). They keep it real so be on your toes guys.

Rocking the full-metal Casio G-Shock*

Don’t worry, the Kats are not chatting about quartz watches bedazzled with pink diamonds, Hello Kitty and mother of pearl. So far, many of their choices have included Seikos, Omega, Rolex, Nomos, tool watches and micro brands that I would consider wearing myself. Kat and Katlen share insightful information, advice, and opinions based on their ownership of specific models and brands. While the hosts may admit that they like a watch because it is attractive, they will also go deeper and tell you why the watch has a great movement or is the right size. They discuss the finer nuances of watch design intelligently. I feel like they would fit in easily with the group of watch nerds that I consider to be my friends. This is high praise considering that the rest of the world might not understand us watch collectors and how darn picky we can be.

Interesting watches on Tenn &  Two*

Tenn & Two is the type of podcast that is self-aware and knows about other watch podcasters and YouTubers. Part of their discussion is about what is happening in our hobby. Some of us collectors view more watch review videos than television shows and the tips on what is “happening now” is appreciated. They have already appeared on Scottish Watches Podcast (episode 55) where they got a cringe-worthy sexist hazing featuring body-part humor and X-rated acronyms. Yikes! That is probably the Scottish Watches Podcast’s schtick that serves them well, but those few minutes were like listening to cavemen trying to form words. Clearly these guys were jealous of the Kats’ functioning frontal lobes. haha. I’ll review those Scottish Watches jokers later as soon as I get my Scottish-to-English translator working. Does anybody have one that I can borrow?

I’d wear this one too…

Until a few months ago, Kat and Katlen were watch-podcast listeners like the rest of us. Now, they will be on the other side of the microphone deciding what to cover and what interests them. They lend a welcome dose of American Southern charm and also know a thing or two about watches. I think that this is a show that men and women could enjoy. It seems that there is a great interest in Tenn &  Two. Already, their Instagram follower numbers are growing quickly. It feels like people want them to succeed. I have to agree, sometimes you want the good guys (I mean gals) to win.

You can listen to Tenn &  Two Podcast on many of the major podcast platforms including Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, and RSS Feed . In the future, there will be companion websites at and Facebook, but these are not fleshed out yet. Give them some time to ramp up.

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